This Chaturbate Token Hack is Unethical on so Many Levels.


Someone claiming to be a developer from Chaturbate has spilled the beans on Reddit.

Chaturbate, the second-largest provider of broadcasters and adult cammers in the world, told Quartzy that it is looking into the postings. “We’re not able to confirm or comment if this person is actually a current or former employee,” a spokesman said.

The Reddit user Sly_Gus has now been removed but had enough time to start an “Ask Me Anything” (AMA) thread, posting photos of his work contract as proof of his job. I managed to take note of most of what Sly_Gus posted concerning accessing the developer mode to start new test accounts that already have coins assigned to them.

Apparently Chaturbate has a coin pool kept for developers who use and access it regularly to test out new apps  and updates .

Scroll down if you just want the link and procedure.

Here are some highlights of the Reddit posts(typos preserved).

We want the merger because most of us are being contracted by third parties and don’t have all the benefits the current group has such as dental and 4 weeks off.

On the tension between developers and customer service representatives:

Yea customer service reps and devs are fighting a war that no one sees. We hate them, they hate us. They tell cammers the problem is the servers when it almost never is. We tell customers to just ignore what the support rep says because chances are very good, they’ve never tested an API before.

Sly_Gus mentions the existence of a token back end.

It’s simple, the folks at chaturbate keep a reserve pool of tokens made accessible to developers who need to make sure the token API works after updates roll out.

Sly_Gus leaks the developer mode token test link and signup protocol



Here’s how the magics done, navigate to the link provided in a new tab using a private session of your browser and be sure to clear your cookies or this method won’t work:

Use that password to trigger the token test balance in the a form of SQL injection.

Sign up for a new account with any username of name of your choice HOWEVER be sure the password is as follows: test001sqlbatch <<<


Alternatively you can try method # 2 illustrated for you HERE (requires a little bit of knowledge but just follow step by step)


Many of you will start to wonder if this is the case for other token based sites. The truth is, it’s probably similar but I can’t confirm it having worked for any other site besides chaturbate.

There’s no telling how long this hack will last or if it will result in upsetting anyone. Remember, this is only for educational purposes so please be considerate if you chose to try it and don’t over do it because it can jeopardize the cam models bankroll.


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